Lockdown update

Week whatever of the latest Sydney COVID-19 lockdown. I’m not keeping track any longer. Time has become largely meaningless, even the 11AM GladysTimeTM when the NSW government announces the latest figures, is starting to lose its relevance. Only the odd work meeting and the thrice weekly Zoom karate sessions give the day any structure.

I’m tired of our cooking, hate being asked what is for lunch, another demand in a day spent responding to the needs of others. Work doesn’t stop.

Two weeks of Olympics have been a respite, something to watch on TV. I absorbed almost the entire three days of the Olympic karate and felt like Sajan Ganjzadeh, the Iranian knocked out in the final bout who won gold by his opponent’s disqualification. But those moments in the closing ceremony when traditional Japan and the next Olympic city, Paris, were featured broke me more. The video of places I love brought home just what we are missing out on.

Rafael Aghayev and another competitor sparring in the Tokyo Olympics

I don’t miss people. I just want to go for a long drive and gaze out on distant horizons, to browse in a shop or eat a nice meal cooked by somebody outside the house. I want to dream about travel and have some time away from everyone else in the house.

There are a million things to do, but when you’ve spent the whole day staring at a computer for work there is little desire to do them.

I do enjoy having my son at home and helping him with school, so long as it is not reviewing writing because what is so easy for me is so hard for him and that is frustrating. The maths is fun.

We had a video version of parent-teacher night. Most of his teachers seem nice and complimented him. He has adapted so well to lockdown, but he does miss his friends and freedom.

The adults of the household are now fully vaccinated, our kid cannot get one yet. I go out once a week to shop for groceries, armed with a list, rushing as asked. On the weekend we go out to the coast for a walk, avoiding others, take-away fast food to eat at home for lunch. We are doing what we can, what we should. The rest is up to others. It’ll take time.


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