1st Vax done

At long last I’ve had my first dose of the COVID vaccine! So happy!

Wife has already had both doses, but due to me putting down that I had recently been administered a fluvax my application went nowhere until I called the NSW Health hotline. The closest available appointment was at Liverpool, while B went to Kogarah.

I don’t travel to Liverpool very frequently and I was surprised how heavy the traffic was despite the current lockdown. The car park was full but I managed to do a perfect reverse parallel carpark nearby. Despite my age I only got my driving licence relatively recently…

The queue snaked maybe 20 to 30 metres outside but moved relatively quickly. Appointments were checked, then you are asked questions by a second nurse before finally going in to another room for the Pfizer jab. I think curtains were available for those recipients who forgot to wear loose short sleeved shirts and had to remove their tops.

A twenty minute wait, an exit interview for any adverse reactions and then you are checked out. All very efficient. No lollipops, but there was the gift of a small bottle of alcohol: Hand sanitiser!

The drive back was along the busy M5 listening to my favourite radio show (Screen Sounds).

Three weeks from now I return for my second jab and that should be it until the need for boosters. Just need them to allow and open up vaccinations for kids so the whole family can be protected.


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