Scattered Clouds, 15°C

Contact is on television and I have mixed feelings. Carl Sagan’s book inspired me as a teenager, but radioastronomy still holds bittersweet memories. I ever became the researcher I wanted to be. 

At least I still support scientists. Today I finished writing a bash and WordPress command line script to automate the insertion of 1.2 gigabytes of moth images into an online catalogue. I’m pretty proud of that. I hadn’t written many bash scripts or used wp-cli before. 

Fingers crossed it works on the full data set. 

Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not doing something productive in the evenings instead of reading and watching TV. But then I’m still working, still being over productive at work. Why not stop and enjoy? 

I should be flying back from Japan tonight. Instead I’ve spent the cancelled trip posting 16 years of Japanese photos to Instagram. It’s brought home to me how much I’ve seen there. 

Alex has been back at school two days now. I miss him at home, but he’s happy with his friends. 

Life is slowly going back to normal. It makes me a little sad. 

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