To be distant and free

Clear Sky, 16°C

Life has settled into a rhythm and there hasn’t been much to write about. Until today. B’s employer is moving offices, so today she had to go into the city and pack her stuff for the move. 

She was given just an hour, scheduled to minimise the staff in the office at the same time, only a single occupant allowed in each lift. 

B wanted me to navigate her on a rare drive to the city. Near the end the two GPS units, my phone and the car, gave similarly confused directions, but we made it in the end. Alex and I stayed in the car and did work while B collected her stuff. 

In the way home we passed the airport and Botany Bay, Alex excited by the traffic tidal flow. I would have loved to stop for a while and gaze across the water, but that is not allowed and the beach car parks were closed. 

B insisted on shopping for lunch and other items at Menai Marketplace, which made a mockery of our first grocery delivery today. Yes the risk is small, but I’m not comfortable with all the old folk who ignore social distancing and good hygiene. 

Alex also had his first haircut since the restrictions. I need one two, but it really isn’t a safe activity. 

I’m feeling a bit down at the moment. It’s not the lack of socialising, if anything I’m more worried about that ending. I do miss just being able to pop out for a meal and I’m a bit sick of having to continually cook to satisfy the other two. 

I’m also sick of Kita annoying me to take him down to the bathroom so frequently, or needing to mop up his mess if I don’t. 

There is also a sense of guilt that I’m not doing more educational activities with Alex. 

I want to do more mindfulness activities myself, but the constant interruptions make that hard as well. 

Most of all I miss travel right now. Passing the airport made me feel sad for the lack of flights and the fact that I cannot visit to dream. I was watching Catalyst about meteorites and they showed the presenter walking through a big lonely field in rural Western Australia, clouds scudding across the sky, and that’s where I felt like being. Very socially distant, but free to roam. 

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