Under the weather

Clear Sky, 26°C

I’ve been feeling unwell today. Mild headache, general exhaustion. Hopefully nothing, but I do wonder where I caught it considering how careful I’ve been. Because if I can catch a cold, I can catch coronavirus. 

I’m not the only one unwell. I had to take the dog to the vet during the week to get some treatment for an infected wound on his tail. He’s on antibiotics. 

The veterinary nurse met us out in the car park, took Kita inside, then the vet communicated with me via the phone. It’s pleasing to see precautions being taken. 

We had a scary organisational briefing on covid-19 yesterday which highlighted the good work my employer is doing in studying the virus, testing vaccines, providing data analysis and working with manufacturers to make protective gear. 

That was the good bit. The frightening part is that this virus seems to go beyond attacking the respiratory system and also can affect the circulatory system and the brain. Also the potential for long term effects. 

We also don’t know how effective vaccines will be or for how long they will provide protection. We could be looking at a long wait before a semblance of normality returns and we feel confident outside our bubbles. 

I found it somewhat amusing to see a photograph of our health facility at Belmont during the presentation. That’s the suburb of Geelong where we stayed during our last, and possibly only, holiday this year. When I woke up this morning I saw the sun reflecting off my Qantas 747 model. That might be the closest I get to travel for a while. 

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