Sunday best

Clear Sky, 16°C

How the week has passed! Got Alex an iMac for doing his school work, though it’s still holidays. I wish I could get him to code or do something creative. That’s a job for this week. 

I finally assembled the flight videos from my 2017 trip to Japan to make a half hour video so that I can at least pretend to be up in the air. 

We started on a 1000 piece puzzle. 

I cooked pasta for lunch, sausages, mashed potato, mashed peas and coleslaw for dinner and fried the cekodok that Alex helped me prepare for an afternoon snack. 

I’ve almost finished another book. 

I’m loving being with the family. I’m not bored. It would be nice in some ways to go out a bit more, but the disease really is terrifying. Plus there is so much more time to do other things when you are not wasting it in transit or when shopping. 

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