Pi and R0

Overcast Clouds, 15°C

Watching The Games featuring the late great John Clarke and thinking of another great comedic actor, Tim Brooke-Taylor, who just died of COVID-19. I grew up with The Goodies and have been fortunate enough to share it with Alex. 

Pretty tired tonight after 450 kicks and 200 blocks at karate. Via Zoom, of course. And a family walk up and downs hills along our street. It was pretty. 

Also tired because I was busy spending my holiday doing work. Yesterday it was turning a Raspberry Pi Zero into a web server and then wrote a WordPress plugin to trigger a LED connected to the Pi if a new post is published. Involved learning wp-cron and the Pi’s GPIO connections. Not of any practical use. 

Then today I wrote up a maths worksheet for Alex about R0 and how contagious a disease is and built a spreadsheet to display the results. 

Tomorrow is a special day off because we were all exhausted after the summer fires. Now of course we are exhausted from plague. Maybe I’ll try not to be productive. 

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