Good Friday

Few Clouds, 14°C

Made it through to Good Friday. Picked up some Easter eggs from the supermarket yesterday so Alex got his chocolate.

I’m glad the work week is over and there is a chance to relax and do my own thing. Or the family thing. Felt a bit miserable though, listened to music. Strangely it was Steve Jablonksy’s score to the Transformers movie.

A stormy change came through in the evening, adding a bit of excitement to the day.

In the mood to do mindfulness exercises at home. Eventually got some Lego out and built silly things.

I usually accompany Kita for a while before he sleeps. He’s been very cheerful for the past couple of days. I got the old television working downstairs to amuse myself while waiting, but unfortunately the DVD player seems to have died.

It’s quite fun playing with retro technology, a change from the latest gadgets.

Hopefully Kita is asleep now and will go and curl up in his dog bed. Time for me to go to bed.

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