Fluvax and pretend flights

Few Clouds, 16°C

The end of the working and school week. We risked exposure by driving to Hurstville for flu vaccinations. Many wearing masks, but the station building, where the pharmacy was located, seemed too crowded, too many risks. 

Westfield was quiet in comparison, though we only parked there. 

In Coles, one big bearded man was standing too close to other shoppers at the checkout, continually scooping potato chips into his maw. Seemingly no concern at all for good hygiene practices. 

I’ve realised I’m actually less isolated at home than normal, with B and Alex constantly around. It can be stressful when they are demanding assistance all at once and I’m trying to do my own work. 

Then there’s Kita who needs watching too. Twice he peed in the study today. 

At the end of the day I shut the door, played my flying music out loud and let a sideshow of a flight to Japan play on the monitor. It’s not the same, but I needed to see it.

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