A storm

Light Rain, 18°C

We had a storm today. A bit of loud thunder, some rain, mostly nothing but enough to cancel tennis. I really think the elderly coach should cancel it altogether. But I guess it’s pretty safe and naturally social distanced. 

Hopefully B’s work is all sorted out now. Once I can ensure that she can load Citrix on the other laptop. Now, who is glad I hoarded so much tech. I tried to give Alex the small TV as a monitor, but he decided to stick with just the laptop screen. 

Tried out Zoom video with karate colleagues this evening. It feels like I’ve been doing tech support all day. 

B and Alex went to the library and supermarket. Not much meat, no chicken, but I think we’ve got enough. It was milk that was the real driver. 

I was on the phone to my sister when Kita peed right next to the bed. Too much tech support, not enough dog support. But we are all trying to be cheerful. 

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