Day 1 of distancing?

Few Clouds, 19°C

Does social isolation start today? Does it start tomorrow? Alex’s last day of school for a while was today. B was home as well, asked to work in two blocks, 6-8 am and pm, to reduce the load on remote access. Now her company says her offices will open again. Pathetic and not conducive to distancing, especially with the public transport component.

My own office shut down today for all but essential staff. No issue for me, I’m happy working at home. We had a brilliant live video update from the CEO and research leaders with a detailed discussion of the science behind covid-19 and our support for efforts to develop a vaccine.

This is going to be a long fight. Tomorrow we work out distance schooling for Alex. Won’t be my first time, considering I was home schooled, but the technology is way better now.

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