The waiting game

Few Clouds, 21°C

The shops were emptier than yesterday, but B managed to get some fresh chicken thighs from a Hurstville shop for tonight’s dinner. At least there are still fresh fruits and vegetables. Got to eat healthy! 

Alex’s tennis lessons are still on. I worry about the coach, in his 70’s, especially as one of the two other students revealed he goes to the same school as the Prime Minister’s daughters. 

Surprised at how poorly equipped many people are for working from home. Going to post some tips about that on a blog soon. I tried connecting B’s S10 phone to an HDMI monitor, but it doesn’t do 4K. Worked pretty well otherwise using the DEX functionality.

In a holding pattern right now, waiting for the disease to come, for further disruption. Trying to focus on work is difficult in this environment, though I have so much to do, incluan interesting project to restore an online database of moths and put it into WordPress. Good work, but requiring thought in a brain that is busy with other things. 

Ah, but to be a dog who just wants to drink a swimming pool! 

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