17 March 2020

Clear Sky, 23°C

Went into work for what may be the last time in a while, mainly because I had to do some database work. Morning tea was just the lab director and I, gatherings have been cancelled. 

On the way home I stopped by the little farm and bought fresh eggs and garlic. Coles was lacking a lot of goods, but it had what we needed. The little Asian grocery even sold toilet paper, but I didn’t need any. 

B and Alex visited Woolies and found it empty of almost everything. 

Decided not to go to karate and instead just rested up with the family again. The weather outside looked perfect for flying, but Qantas just announced it was grounding 90% of international flights. 

Instead bats, animals that harbour so many viruses, flew above. 

Schools are still open for now. 

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