Clear Sky, 23°C

After a hot and boring morning waiting in the carpark at the Forcast outlet, then attending my nephew’s birthday party in the afternoon, the evening saw us drive down to Brighton Le Sands for dinner.

The whole foreshore of Botany Bay was packed with visitors either enjoying the hot weather by the beach or waiting for tomorrow night’s fireworks show. Fortunately we found a carpark in the backstreets.

We ate Bondi Pizza, which was tasty but expensive for what you get, then walked down to the beach as hoons drove circuits making far too much noise to compensate for the fact that what should be in their trousers sits mainly between their ears.

The sunset light across the bay was gorgeous, but Alex was eager to go plane spotting, so we drove to Shep’s Mound.

The lookout was packed, primarily with Middle Eastern families picnicking with their kids.

As darkness fell the airport was transformed into a magical lightscape, a artwork of beauty and motion.

After watching an Emirates A380 roar off into the sky we headed south towards home. In front of us, out over the sea, a huge cloud flashed with forked lightning, providing an even more spectacular sight than tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve fireworks.

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