Clear Sky, 14°C

I’m trying out this Journey journal app. I write blog posts now and then. Perhaps this is a better way, especially as the phone apps for my blogs aren’t particularly good.

It’s got a mood button. Unfortunately it would need to be animated as my mood is oscillating between excitement and melancholic fear right now.

The anxiety and then pride of karate grading on Monday has been replaced as our holiday departure fast approaches. On one hand there is the anticipated thrill of returning to Japan. Then the fear of turbulent flights and the sadness of leaving our dog Kita. As he ages I fear too that something may happen to him and I wouldn’t be around to give him the love he so thoroughly deserves.

What if something were to happen to our house and possessions? The memories stored within?

I remind myself that the flights should be safe, that turbulence is transitory and that Kita will be staying with a vet. And memories reside within, not as possessions.

Despite not feeling much in the mood for work today still managed to make some significant updates, though with the realisation that more work awaits my return.

I feel like I need a holiday. Just not the stress associated with it.

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