Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert

Of all the Harry Potter movies this was both my favourite to watch and to listen to. And tonight watching it performed live by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House all I can say is “Wow!”

After a swathe of these concerts over the past few years, including the first two Harry Potters episodes last year, you know the drill. Tonight they got the balance just right and allowed John Williams’ complex score shine through.

It had so many wonderful moments, from the cartoonish jazz of the Knight Bus to the drama of quidditch, the soaring Buckbeak’s flight and choral mystique of the patronus charm. The most beautiful of the gentle Window to the Past as Harry remembers his parents.

If you’ve only ever heard the recorder played badly at primary school then you will be surprised just how lovely it sounds here.

Williams’ orchestration is sophisticated and apart from the recorder many other instruments and sounds drew my attention away from the action on the screen. Subtitles meant that the dialogue didn’t overshadow the score.

A fair amount of the score, including many beautiful fleeting themes, is lacking from the soundtrack release so there is much to listen for during the performance.

Unlike the previous Star Wars performance I couldn’t fault the Sydney Symphony Orchestra or its conductor Nicholas Buckbeak’s here. I simply enjoyed it all.

I had kind of hoped that they would stop at this point, when John Williams left the scoring duties, so I wouldn’t be “forced” to pay for more performances (I’ve got the Empire Strikes Back later this year) but tickets to Patrick Doyle’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire go on sale Monday and the other scores are pretty good…


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