Aladdin the Musical

Last night we headed into the city to watch Aladdin the Musical at the Capitol Theatre. I have to say first up that I’m not a big fan of Disney cartoons and have never watched all of the movie upon which it is based (I think it unfair to reference the original tale). However, B has put up with enough orchestral concerts with me to make it only fair that I accompanied Alex and her to the show.

The sets were stunning, real works of art and technical accomplishment, and the costumes and choreography were superb (I joked that the pyrotechnics made it a bit like certain current Middle Eastern cities). We all agreed that some of the songs dragged on and the first half could have been shorter. Unlike the Lion King I couldn’t take refuge in the music as Alan Menken’s score was too showy for my liking. But visually it was amazing.

The US actors playing the Genie (Michael James Scott) and Jasmine (Arielle Jacobs) were perfect, while local Aljin Abella was fantastic as the evil sidekick Iago. Other cast members were good, though I found Ainsley Melham’s Aladdin a bit too much typical Aussie Musical for my taste (that’s a technical description).

Overall it was one of the more fun musicals that I have seen and well worth seeing for the sets and effects alone.


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