A new host for allrite

For over a decade I’ve used Ilisys to host my allrite.net and allrite.com.au domains. Price rises finally meant that it was no longer economical to continue to host with them and I consolidated my domains with Webfaction, who have a very developer friendly setup.

Migration was quite a painful process, mainly for the fact that I had so many files on the old site. I did a lot of culling. Many of the tools were written in old versions of PHP and are now superfluous so there’s no point in rewriting them. I discovered the site must have got hacked at some stage with a trojan lurking somewhere on the site. I’m not surprised, the site was neglected and I know there were security issues at one stage before I locked it down further.

Ilisys has been involved in a few mergers and consolidations and it’s sad to see how the service seems to have declined since the early days. I waited almost an hour on the phone for some support and got a bad IP phone connection when I finally got through. Used to be simple to call the knowledgeable owners when they were based in Western Australia and get a familiar and friendly response.

I’ll have to do more with the sites now, though sometimes it’s not fun to continue your day job at home. Back to work.

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