Apple delivers again

So Steve Jobs is off for medical reasons again…

A little known feature of the iPhone is the built in genetic sampler. Each person who swipes their finger over the screen gets their genetic code read and sent back to Apple’s HQ. There it is compared with that of Steve Jobs’.

Nobody reads software licenses, they just accept them. Someone out there has already received that special message from Steve, having accepted it before they even received it in their inbox. It reads “Give me your liver.”

The sad thing is, they’ll probably feel that warm inner glow of an Apple user even as the knife goes in, smug in their certainty that Apple knows best and that surely it doesn’t matter if they are missing a liver, there’ll be an app for that.

They have no choice.

That’s why I use Android.

Update: I posted this in another (non Apple) forum and had my post very quickly deleted by a moderator. Proof  (in my own mind) that the Church of Apple brooks no blasphemers and certainly lacks a sense of humour when it comes to their pro[fi|phe]t. I’m laughing at them now. 🙂


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