The little ones attack at night

Saturday was very busy. After a rough Friday night that saw me struggling to resettle Alex at 3.30am we woke up a bit late. Then race off to Alex’s swimming lessons. Return late library books. Eat and shop for Malaysian ingrediants at Kingsford. Take Alex to a playground at Kyeemagh. Buy other groceries at Menai. Dinner at the relatives. I’m exhausted and have a headache.

Finally, everyone had gone to bed. After a whole day of waiting I went to the loo. Relax. When I emerged I could now hear Alex crying. Unfortunately, you can’t hear him while in the loo, because he had been crying so much that he had vomited. Meanwhile, B is blissfully asleep.

I remove him from his cot and go to the kitched to give him some water. Then I feel something underfoot. A dog turd!

I lose it, swearing and shouting, before running off to the bathroom and washing my feet in the tub, Alex still in my arms. B awakes to the commotion and helps clean up, but I just feel like nobody will allow me to relax anymore.

It’s all better in the morning…


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