Toddler temper tantrums

Alex has learned to say “No!”. The last week’s train ride have been very difficult at times. Our 16 month old has been off colour (so many bugs since starting childcare!) and has been throwing tantrums in packed trains. I can’t blame him. He’s tired, a bit unwell, and it’s no fun in such a crowded train.

But tantrums are only a tiny part of his day. He can also say “Yes” (actually “yeah”), everything seems to be a star or a shark, except Kita who says “woof!” He has a powerful voice that can project quite far. One amazing thing is his sense of balance. He can walk around a moving train only rarely falling over.

My days are very long. Alex usually wakes at around 5:20am. Sometimes I am still settling him at 9pm, so that doesn’t leave much free time, if any at all, to do things like update blogs or plan holidays. Sometimes I fall asleep next to him when settling him on the futon in his room. But he is such a snuggly kid that I forgive him!


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