Alex and the Art

Alex has now seen two blockbuster art exhibitions in his first two months. A couple of weeks ago we took him to the Degas Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. Today we caught a train into the city and viewed the exhibition of Monet & the Impressionists at the Art Gallery of NSW, just a few days before it is scheduled to close.

He was whinging in his stroller, so I took him out and carried him in my arms around the gallery. Alex was wide eyed and staring the whole way, gurgling and chattering away. We know he likes good art – he can’t stop staring at the fine print of McCubbin’s “The Lost Child” in our lounge room. I think he’s now taking more notice of the Monet print as well!

The pieces of Monet’s work on display were gorgeous. We fell in love with his works, and those of the other impressionists, when we visited the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Claude Monet is inarguably the best of all of them, with an incredible ability to capture both light and life in his paintings.

Just one more exhibition to attend now: the Powerhouse Museum’s Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. I’d better play the DVD’s to him first!


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