An ear for music

Thrice I have told an upset Alex to “listen to the music” playing from my MP3 collection and he has gone quiet and focussed on the sound. He tends to calm down when exposed to instrumental music, especially the more relaxed film soundtracks in my collection.

There was an exception last night. I left the radio in his room tuned to ABC Classic FM. In the wee hours of the morning I woke to find him whining. Upon entry into his room I heard what sounded like an energetic film piece playing. Obviously Alex was trying to bring it to my attention, the clever boy!

He, and consequently us, had a rough time last night. Our bub just wouldn’t settle. Eventually I got him to sleep on my belly while I lay on the couch in the study listening to movie music.

Hopefully Alex’s ear for music indicates some mathematical abilities as well. The two are supposedly linked. Wonder if he’s left-handed as well. A disproportionate number of fellow students in my maths lectures were lefties, myself included. B’s a natural lefty as well and maths was one of her best subjects.

I’ve introduced him to music. The cricket is on so I can share that with him as well. His curiosity should give him an interest in science and travel with any luck. Oooh, who’s daddy’s boy then?


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