At home with Alex

It was a dark and stormy night when baby Alex left hospital for his home. B was so bored and tired of the constant interruptions that she could not wait to return home after three nights in the hospital. That said, the staff at the Hurstville Community Private Hospital have been wonderfully friendly and helpful and we would certainly use their services again should we have another child in Sydney.

The first couple of nights home I think we missed the breastfeeding support of the midwives. It’s difficult having to get up every few hours to feed bub or even just to calm him down. With the number of visitors it has also been tough to get into any sort of routine. Not just for baby, but also for ourselves. Meals eaten late or not at all, because just as you want to eat either baby needs feeding or visitors arrive to see him. It’s nice to see them, especially when you are missing the conversations with your work colleagues and friends. It’s just a bit complex trying to work around a baby’s needs when you aren’t even certain what they are at any given moment.

Have to learn to snatch as much rest as we can in any spare moments. Nights are interrupted by feeds and calming cuddles and it’s difficult at times to keep smiling. But then, it’s difficult to stop smiling when he opens his eyes and turns towards you, so it all worth it.

Our dog Kita has had it tough until today, with us staying long hours away from home in hospital and this strange crying creature coming into his life. He barked when Alex cried. I’ve tried to give Kita a lot of attention and the night Alex arrived he got a new toy, but I think he’s felt happier today after a combination of mine and B’s relatives visited and played with him. Kita was very cautious around the two younger visitors and I think that he’ll be a fine companion to Alex.

In my sleep deprived state I’m liable to be a bit grumpy at times, especially to our old neighbours who have just returned to the other half of our duplex. When I returned home on Friday to pick up the car I discovered that their removals truck was blocking our section of the driveway and had demolished half of our grevillea shrub. Then later their soccer ball slams into our window, fortunately not breaking it. And one of the sons now seems to own a mini trailbike sans muffler. I miss the lovely Vietnamese family that bought their property, but they’ve rented it back to the original owners now. They’re not the worst people in the world and they’ve had it tough at times, but I do wish they would respect other people’s property. An example of how not to bring Alex up.

Anyway, I should be resting rather than writing…


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