Our little Olympian

It seems like we have our own little Olympian in our household. Perhaps inspired by the games, Baby is doing a full workout inside of Mummy. No quite certain which sport Baby is practising, but feeling those movements really brings home that fact that there is a independent little life in there. It’s quite wonderful, though those bumps and thumps really are quite strong and disturb B from her sleep now and then.

Yesterday we visited the Hurstville Community Private Hospital, where B is scheduled to give birth, for the first time. Quite a small hospital, not so “white” as I’m used to. Seems nice enough though and the reviews have been quite positive.

Such a lovely day outside and I’m stuck inside with a head cold and trying to finish a report for our meeting in Canberra on Monday. Would rather be sleeping, to tell the truth. Still, at least I get to fly tomorrow and do a comparison between Virgin Blue and Qantas. Hopefully the latter won’t be delayed!

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